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The objective of is to promote creative and cultural tourism. We want to give the opportunity to travelers to find suitable facilities not only on the basis of where to go, but also on what to do. On the other hand, we want to allow to facilities to increase their business by means of the organization and advertising of courses, events and other interesting activities.

Why is CreaTourism useful to the facilities?

Each registered facility will have a customizable area within the site where can be reported all relevant information such as location, prices, available services, plus photos and video.

In addition, the facilities will increase their visibility with the publication of events. Have you got a Bed & Breakfast that organizes language or cooking courses? Are you promoters of musical or artistic events? Will there be an exhibition, a conference or a relevant sporting activity near your hotel? By posting the event on CreaTourism you can be contacted by tourists who want to attend the event. In this way, you will extend your visibility not only to users who wish to visit your city, but also for those who travel to do a formant experience or to cultivate their passions.

Why is CreaTourism useful to the tourists?

Registered tourists will be able to specify which are their areas of interest and will be notified when the corresponding events will be available. They can also carry out a more detailed research on the events.

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